Musical Hybrids



- What are you staring at? What did you come for here? 

I always go fishing alone. Fishing is practise of patience and waiting. Women are not patient...
Don't swing so, you have to know how to balance in the boat. You are fidgeting to much. 

- You bored me. Can't stop thinking that I will crease my dress. How I will look when we will be back in town. 

- If it is possible don't say anything at all. Your chattering voice frightens fishes away. I will cast a fishing rod soon... 
Don't get hysterical because you have seen how I impale the larwae on hook. You will have something to say about it at the salons. 

I stun and clean fishes on place. 

- The smell of fishes makes me feel sick. 

- This is my enclave. You break into with all of your bourgeoise. 
I appreciate simplicity, calm and silence. 

- It's nice here... Watch ! 
I should not say anything, but a dragonfly perched on the edge of the boat. Look ! second !

- Soon they will copulate..

- They will unite in madness of love. Connected, will move in a dancing flight. Mr. dragonfly will guide Ms. dragonfly through the waters around. In the rays of sun, in the glow of shiny water, they will surf on the leave with the current of the river. Dressed in beautiful azure wings they vibrate equally...

Here is no mismatch !